Swim Smooth Virtual Swim coaching

I've long been a big fan of all that Paul Newsome at SwimSmooth does to help triathletes to improve their swimming.  Swim Smooth provide innovative and effective tools for triathletes who do not have regular access to swim coaching to improve both their freestyle technique and swim fitness


Swim Smooths' revolutionary on-line coaching system, bringing their entire coaching system onto mobile devices and computers – anywhere with access to the internet. Containing over 30 hours of all new Swim Smooth coaching video, including stroke correction, Swim Types, extensive training plans and open water skills.

The Guru has two levels of subscription: - The “Standard” version (£1.99/US$2.99/mo) includes most coaching, drill and elite swimmer video, making it the perfect companion app for those swimming regularly within their own squad or following another Swim Smooth product.

The “Pro” version (£9.99/US$15.99/mo or £109.99/US$174.99/yr) contains too many features to list here but includes extensive training plans, full Swim Type processes, our Catch Masterclass, CSS training and pace tweaking, and full training logging and analysis! It’s the ultimate tool for any swimmer of any ability level to transform their swimming.

'Mr Smooth' Console

An  amazing animation to help you visualise great stroke technique and 
improve your own.

The power of Mr Smooth is the amazing clarity of the animation and the control the user has over the angles. Even great swimmers have some idiosyncrasies in their stroke which can prove distracting and confusing to the average swimmer. Mr Smooth is perfectly symmetrical and fluid in his movements which removes this confusion. He’s a very powerful learning tool, especially for visual learners.

Mr Smooth Free Console 


The Pro Console has many benefits over the free version, including higher quality video, much greater control over the animation, rotating views and combination views to show key areas of his stroke simultaneously. It also features the amazing Miss Swinger animation showing the alternative elite Swinger style.


Mr Smooth Pro Console