Triathlon Training Plans; simple, effective & cheap..

If you are looking to take the guesswork out of your training and follow a structured training schedule, but not yet ready to take the leap and get a coach then then these are for you. Proven to work by hundreds of athletes who have used them, & priced at only 20c per day they represent superb value.The plans are all designed by Steve Lumley, the UK’s most experienced Iron-distance coach and athlete, (BTF L3 coach, MSc Sports Science) for age – group triathletes with limited time available. They are time efficient programs and include everything you need but nothing you don't...

The plans draw on Steve’s 27+ years experience of coaching and racing all triathlon distances, including 36 Iron man distance races and 5 Hawaii qualifications himself. He has coached athletes to hundreds of full and 70.3 IM finishes. These have ranged from novice to elite and include several Hawaii world championship qualifications.  
Various plans are available according to race distance and athlete ability & experience. 

As an added bonus, purchase of these plans with a subscription also includes email access to Steve for any questions that you may have about the plan or your training. 

Training Plan options

Various options are available for your training plan purchase

  • Simply download the plan as a PDF file
  • Purchase the plan and link to your FREE membership account with SLTC (open free account here).  This also gives the option for you to link to a Training Peaks account if you have one (please contact us for this).
  • Purchase the plan and link it to your subscription account with SLTC.  At only $3.99 per month this account represents tremendous value as it not only gives you Email access to Steve for the duration of the plan to assist you through your training but also gives you access to 3 other plans each year, together with discounts on other products and camps as well as access to the latest training, racing, nutrition tips and advice curated by Steve. Find out more and open your subscription plan here