Jodie Stimpson: Commonwealth Champion 2014

"I began my training with Steve at Birmingham uni and from day one he believed in me and saw that i had a talent and he helped to bring that out of me, Steve is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate coaches I have had the pleasure of working with and his passion comes through in his coaching.
With Steves experience I was able to learn about triathlon and not just do the training day to day. I was always challenged as a young athlete under Steve and was sure i was challenging him as a coach! 
Steve is honest when needs to be and wont beat around the bush when something needs to be said which is good as a coach and makes sure both him as the coach and you as the athlete are reading form the same page.
I am very grateful for Steve for his coaching and guidance and without him I would not be competing at the level I am now.
I have no doubt that through out the time you would spend with Steve as a coach he would develop you as a athlete and you would learn just as much as I did working along side such a knowledgeable guy.

Thank you Steve